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Craig Kivi

Principal Broker

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9573 Dexter Pinckney Rd.

Pinckney, MI, 48169


Hours of Operation:

Always Open

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We understand selling your home is not an easy thing. It’s a place you’ve lived, perhaps raised a family, and had many happy times. It’s been home. We can be trusted to respect that and can be trusted to help you move through all the emotions and important real estate processes to list and sell your home.


We are not interested in selling you on us. We are interested in selling your home. We won't come to your home and start talking. We will come to your home and start listening. We will listen thoroughly and completely understand the important goals associated with selling your home.


We will prepare you for the current market conditions, and together, we will craft a strategy to prepare your home for sale, price your home accurately, market your home and accomplish your goals.


Our marketing plan will include all the standard elements but will also include all the innovative activities we will do outside of simply listing your property on the Multiple Listing Service.


Our job is to provide you with information to make decisions. We will engage experts whenever necessary because we don’t have all the answers. No one does. If you trust us and take the information we provide seriously, you will be successful selling your home and meeting your needs. We are sure of that.


We will help you understand the whole real estate process, yet focus on exactly which step we are on at any given time. Focus is one of the most important things we can provide. Focus prevents you from being overwhelmed and allows you to concentrate all your efforts on that particular step so you make the best decisions and achieve the best outcome.


We’re not going to rush anything. Your whole life savings might be in your home, and we take that seriously. We will follow documented processes and checklists, and we will take as much time as needed to enlist our experts, such as attorneys, title companies, lenders, architects, builders, etc. to make sure you are getting the best outcome. Fast is not a quality criteria for real estate transactions.   Careful, methodical, efficient, thorough and legal, are examples of quality criteria in transactions.


Lastly, we are mature negotiators. We’ve evolved to the next level of negotiators; that of completely understanding the other side’s interests as well as ours. Meeting the interests of both sides of a real estate transaction is essential for YOU to get YOUR best outcome.




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