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thank you for service

Statement of Support from Craig Kivi – Owner and Principal Broker of Golden Drake Realty


“Though I was not in the Military, my father was lead plane in a fleet of 1,100 B-17s, my son-in-law is a Navy Submariner, and my nephew a Marine Scout Sniper. I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to serve, and I have no idea what it is like to be shot at. I do know that every freedom I have to work, enjoy life, and everything else is due to the sacrifices of the men and women of the Military. Golden Drake Realty’s Military Program is a permanent part of our company and a no-nonsense contribution back to those who have served, sacrificed and protected the very freedoms we now enjoy. I support Nick in any way he deems necessary to implement this permanent program.


Veterans Helping Veterans 

Meet Your Real Estate Agent Nick Bauder 


Nick’s Military Service: US Army 1966 to 1969

Ft Dix, New Jersey, January 1966 to April 1966: Basic Training

Ft Knox, Kentucky, April 1966 to January 1967: AIT-OCS

Ft Lewis, Washington, January 1967 to November 1967: UTO

Ft Sherman, Panama, November 1967 to January 1968: Jungle Warfare Operations Camp,

Vietnam, Pleiku, Camp Holloway, 4th Infantry Division,

January 1968 to September 1968: Vietnam, Ben Hoa Providence, September 1968 to January 1969

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Nick’s Story


In 1973, I had moved to Ann Arbor and was looking to

buy my first home. I met an experienced realtor but he

was reluctant to go the VA route for a mortgage.


After much persistence, I found a mortgage company

willing to do a VA loan. As many first time buyers,

I didn’t have substantial savings – and throughout this

process we learned that many realtors, lenders and sellers were not eager to cooperate with a veteran doing a VA loan. Purchasing my home was time consuming and frustrating yet I made it through. Sadly, the Veterans Administration offered a nice benefit, yet the VA backed loan process wasn’t doable for most veterans.


In today’s real estate world, things have improved but we still have to work through the old stigma and reputation of that archaic system.


Through my many years working as a realtor, I have seen the challenges facing a veteran while trying to buy a home: hot properties with multiple offers, accelerated contracts, best deadlines, inspection issues, appraisals and more. It takes patience, dedication, and the veteran buyer must be willing to trust the process.


Working for You


Nick assists veterans and their families with the entire home purchasing process – negotiating your offer, completing your VA Loan application and eligibility, inspections, repairs, title insurance and any issues that come up along the way.


Nick is honest and will not rush or pressure you. He understands that buying a home is often the largest investment you will ever make. He will follow a proven process – engaging experts including attorneys, title companies, lenders, architects, appraisers, builders and more when required – to make sure you are getting the best outcome.



Veterans Program Testimonials – CLICK HERE

Golden Drake Realty will give a $1,000 cash credit at closing

for any Veteran we help sell or purchase a home.