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Craig Kivi

Principal Broker

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9573 Dexter Pinckney Rd.

Pinckney, MI, 48169


Hours of Operation:

Always Open

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What Golden Drake Realty Stands For


As an independent Real Estate Company, we are quite different. We’re completely focused on you. We are not for sale, and no other company or person will ever influence us with corporate or franchise requirements, demands, business affiliations or money. We exist for you.


You, our customers, clients, and principals come first in all matters. Our entire group of consultants, attorneys, contractors and other service providers are put to work with one focus – You. We will maintain our great reputation by serving you and our community with excellence.


We don't receive monetary gain from “kickback” agreements with affiliated real estate service suppliers, such as title companies, lenders, relocation companies, etc. Therefore, we are only influenced by one objective: to find you the best real estate service suppliers in the industry to work with for your benefit. If they don't provide you with excellent service, we will find another supplier for you.


We don’t advertise our sales numbers and have no interest in being number one or dominating markets or people. We have one interest: to provide you with the best quality sale or purchase of your home on your terms. On that, we will put our track record up against anyone. Past clients have referred us over and over again, which is a testament to our quality service.


We don’t charge any forced and confusing hidden fees, such as “compliance”, “storage”, “transaction” fees. These are disappointing fees charged without any additional service provided. We charge one industry standard fair commission for providing you excellent service.


We are fair to those who provide professional services to us, such as photographers, website developers, CPAs, etc. We find loyal people we trust, treat them with respect, and pay them what they ask at the time of service. We are always pleasantly surprised when they provide more than we asked for. You, our customers, are then the beneficiary of their exemplary service.


We’re not slick, manipulative, or pushy and have no interest in selling you. We want to sell your house or help you buy one. In all matters, we deal with material facts, simplify the process, negotiate maturely and take the dysfunction out of real estate to make it successful on your terms.


We add tremendous value over and above your real estate transaction. We are not here to simply buy or sell a home and get a commission. Rather, we want to help with the whole project. With referrals for over 100 fully vetted service providers, we are fully capable of helping you with all the things involved before, during, and after the sale – related or not related to real estate.


Our boss is the State of Michigan, our local Real Estate Board, and YOU.  

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